Friday, May 16, 2014

Road Rider Salutes . . . [RR]


Back in the October/November, 1970 issue of the then still-fledgling Road Rider, we created a special award.  We called it "Road Rider Salutes," ad designed it to fill what we saw as a unique need in the world of motorcycling . . . recognition for those individuals who have mad a significant contribution to our sport, but who have received insufficient -- or no -- recognition fro their efforts.

Since that time, the Road Rider Salutes award has been presented infrequently; we consider it a very special honor.

Any Road Rider reader who hasn't yet read George A. Wyman's story should do so.  "Across America on a Motor Bicycle" explains -- without and further elaboration fromus -- why we have chosen to honor the very first road rider.

Over 76 years ago he rode into history . . .
 . . . and today Road Rider Salutes . . .


By the Editors of Road Rider Magazine
Published August, 1979, issue Volume 10, Number 8

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