Saturday, November 7, 2009

The 50CC Quest

Coast to Coast in Under 50 Hours

This is to Certify that in November of 2008, Tim Masterson rode a BMW R1200GS Adventure from the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville Beach, Florida to the Pacific Ocean in Ocean Beach, California in less than 50 hours to qualify for the Iron Butt Association's elite 50cc Quest certification.

This 2,368 mile test was conducted under very strict guidelines set forth by the Iron Butt Association.  Only a handful of riders from around the world have managed to solve the equation of time and distance to complete the 50cc Quest.

Michael J. Kneebone
President, The Iron Butt Association

11/7/08  Departed Jacksonville Beach, FL at 6:08am EST
11/8/08  Arrived Ocean Beach, CA at 8:44pm PST
Total travel time, including sleeping 6 hours in Junctions TX,  was 40 hrs and 43 minutes
Did not exceed the posted speed limit by more than 5-8 mph.
Also, qualified for the Iron Butt Association SaddleSore 2,000 and SaddleSore 3,000 mile ride events during the 50cc Quest.