Tuesday, June 30, 2009

48 States in Under 10 Days

48 State Challenge
An Iron Butt Association Extreme Ride

This is to Certify that in July of 2009, Tim Masterson road a 2008 BMW R1200GS Adventure through the 48 contiguous states of the United States of America in 7 day, 13 hours, 26 minutes!  Mr. Masterson's startling 7.733 mile journey started in Louisiana and continued on to Maine, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and California, twisting and turning to ride in each state before ending in Oregon.

The 48 State Challenge was conducted under very strict guidelines set forth by the Iron Butt Association.  Only a handful of riders from around the world have managed to solve the challenges such a grueling ride involves.

Michael J. Kneebone
President, The Iron Butt Association

Also completed and certified on the adventure.....
The SaddleSore 5000
Five thousand miles in less than 5 days

 The 48 State Challenge was one of the most fun IBA ride I have completed.

Garmin Connect Tracks of My zumo 550.

DAY ONE:  June 30, 2009  Louisana to West Virginia
Distance:              1,087.91 miles
Time: 17:23:20
Moving Time: 15:38:34
Avg Speed: 62.6 mph
Avg Mvg Speed: 69.5 mph

DAY TWO:  July 1, 2009  West Virginia to Maine
Distance:               906.64 miles
Time: 17:08:26
Moving Time: 15:07:42
Avg Speed: 52.9 mph
Avg Mvg Speed: 59.9 mph

DAY THREE:  July 2, 2009  Maine to Illinois
Distance:               1,106.44 miles
Time: 19:34:32
Moving Time: 17:32:12
Avg Speed: 56.5 mph
Avg Mvg Speed: 63.1 mph

DAY FOUR:  July 3, 2009  Illinois to Nebraska
Distance:              1,050.83 miles
Time: 23:20:29
Moving Time: 15:37:59
Avg Speed: 45.0 mph
Avg Mvg Speed: 67.2 mph

DAY FIVE:   July 4, 2009  Nebraska to Texas
Distance:               923.67 miles
Time: 14:11:55
Moving Time: 12:56:39
Avg Speed: 65.1 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 71.4 mph

DAY SIX:  July 5, 2009  Texas to Nevada
Distance:              1,005.48 miles
Time: 25:37:16
Moving Time: 13:42:59
Avg Speed: 39.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 73.3 mph

DAY SEVEN:  July 6, 2009  Nevada to Idaho
Distance:               903.56 miles
Time: 13:45:20
Moving Time: 12:54:38
Avg Speed: 65.7 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 70.0 mph

LAST DAY:  July 7, 2009  Idaho to Oregon
Distance:               740.38 miles
Time: 12:50:01
Moving Time: 11:18:20
Avg Speed: 57.7 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 65.5 mph