Monday, March 13, 2017

2107 IBA Daytona Party

It's that time of year again!  Time to head to the Iron Butt Association Daytona Party to kick off the spring riding season.  Held in Jacksonville, FL at the end of Daytona Bike Week this annual event is host to one of the largest gatherings of long distance riders anywhere in the world.  Always a treat to mingle with LD comrades.
SpotWalla Map

Thu, 3/16:  Got drafted to help pass out the flags to the rides participating in the Zaddle-Zore 1,000 and 1,500 Bun Burner Gold rides.   Was fun to see all the riders bundled up in their cold weather gearas the morning temperatures were in the low 30s this morning.  Many riders who live in the north got hit by bad weather.  Some decided to wait it out and still other cancelled all together.  But, there still was over 75 riders departing out from the hotel at about 7am for the ride.  They won't be trickling back in till late this evening for the 1,000 riders and well after midnight for the 1,500 riders.

Wed, 3/15:  It's an easy 300 mile to Jacksonville and I left the hotel about 7:30am.  The sun was rising in the clear and cold skies as I headed east along I-10.  It was 37f chilly but again I was warm and comfortable in my most excellent riding gear.  Stopped for gas and a cup of coffee on the other side of Tallahassee.  The last 110 miles to Jax went well and I arrived about 13:30.

Tue, 3/14:  I'm departing at sunrise along I-10.  I'm going to take it easy because I have lots of time to get to Jacksonville.   Plan on arriving mid day on Wednesday.  Weather is supposed to be just great between Texas and Florida.

The weather was great.  Bright and sunny with temperatures in the mid 50s.  I was plugged into the bike and toasty warm with my heated gear.  Stopped for a late lunch eary dinner at Burger King before riding on to Crestview FL for the night.

The IBA Daytona Party - There are always lots of things to do at this gathering to keep busy.  The Iron Butt Rally is happening this year and many of the veteran and rookie riders of this years IBR will be attending the JAX party.  For the rookie IBR riders it's a great way to pick up a few tips on riding "The World's Toughest Motorcycle Rally."

Many LD riders, about 30, are doing IBA challenge rides on the way to Jacksonville. And, it that wasn't enough, on Thursday, March 16, close to 90 riders will be participating in the JAX 1,000 or BBG (1,000 or 1,500 miles in less than 24 hours)

JAX 1,000
JAX 1,500
Mike Kneebone, IBA President, will be hosting the special presentation ceremony to all successful participants in the JAX 1,000/1,500 on Friday afternoon.  The evening in then topped off with lots of presentations at the Friday night banquet dinner.  

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Dip in the Defective Gene Pool

It's that time of year again!  I don't do a lot of RTE (Ride to Eat) but the DFW Defective Gene Pool is an exception.  So, I'm riding up to Allen, TX to hangout with LD riding comrades, renew acquaintances and make new ones.

Check out this photo slideshow from last years Defective Gene Pool RTE

The DFW Defective Gene Pool "Ride to Eat" was formed by a few past IBR finishers to give DFW area LD riders and potential LD riders an opportunity to swap lies, renew old acquaintances, encourage new participants to the sport, and generally to celebrate the defective gene that runs common to us all.  Other less notable pursuits may ensue.  Projected attendees at the Ride to Eat include several IBR finishers and a host of LD riders.  If you feel you have the "defective gene" that causes this madness or you just like to gawk at weird people, please join us for this enlightening gathering.

Monday, January 9, 2017

BMW Motorcycle Club of Northeast Florida Rally

I am attending the BMW Motorcycle Club of Northeast Florida Rally being held at Camp Blanding, January 12-15.  The organizers have ask me to be a seminar presenter at a couple of the breakout sessions.

I'm giving talks on using FLIR technology on a motorcycle and about George Wyman.  Should be fun!  You can follow my ride out and back on the map below.

Click here of the full SpotWalla Map

Sat, 1/14  Another day of fun at the Rally.  Coffee and mingling in morning.  Many of the Rally participants are planning self guided rides in the local                country side.  Beautiful weather with partly cloudy skies and temps in the 70s

Fri, 1/13:  Reported to Rally central to sign in and check out the amenities.  Larry, one of the Rally organizers who invited me, got me squared away with the table for my George Wyman display.  Later I had an opportunity to check out the presentation equipment in the large conference room reserved
for my presentations.

After the event dinner tonight Larry wants me to do a static display of the FLIR PathFindIR mounted on my motorcycle for folks to check out.  Should be fun!

Thur, 1/12:  The weather was clear when I woke and the ride to Camp Blanding just southeast of Lake City was nice and easy.  Go to my destination shortly before 5pm.  Checked into the nice two bedroom cabin reserved for me by the Rally organizers and meet up with my contact.  Who, by the way has a couple of Shiner Boch's n his hand.  Got to love an experienced Long Distance rider.

Wed, 1/11:  Had a great ride today with temps in the high 70s.  Had heavy cross winds so it was a bit turbulent.  By about 5pm the weather turned wet, so, not being on any schedule, I stopped for the night.

Presentation slides

Friday, October 14, 2016

Ride Around Texas Insanity Gold

I am riding to South Padre Island for the start of the RAT Insanity Gold.  The along the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum have hosted this event every few years, since 2006, to the delight of riders from around the country.  I was the Ride Master for the RAT in 2014.
Iron Butt Association

Now, with the approval of the IBA and MTF, Hard Riding Adventures is hosting the 2017 - Ride Around Texas Insanity, "Tropical Adventure" starting May 1, 2017.  The RAT Insanity is to ride around the perimeter of Texas in less than 85 hours or 70 hours for Gold!

I'm finalizing the details with the host hotel for next year's event on this trip.  So, I'm off for some Saturday and Sunday fun in the sun before departing at 6:00 am Monday for a clockwise RAT Insanity Gold.  You can follow along with me on the SpotWalla map below.

Full SpotWalla Map   Realtime Texas Weather Radar Map

The weather was great for the entire ride.  A little hot in Big Bend and a little chilly around Guadalupe Mountains.  During this ride I had no close calls, defined as the need to perform evasive maneuvers.  I did not use excessive speed, unsafe riding techniques or get to meet any LEO the entire ride.  Most all the roads between communities were 75 mph, even small two lane ranch roads.  Got to love Texas!  My new BMW R1200GS Adventure performed excellently.  All my comfort farkles did their job well as I did not notice any comfort stress during the ride.

The clockwise route worked out well for me.  My objective was to match each leg of the route to my optimum riding time and get good rest in a hotel.  Below are the stats for each leg of my Ride Around Texas

  • Leg 1 - RAT Start to Anthony; 6:00 to 22:18, 1,010 miles, 16.3 hours
  • Leg 2 - Anthony to Paris; 5:00 to 23:20, 1,239 miles, 18.3 hours
  • Leg 3 - Paris to RAT Finish; 6:00 to 19:55, 845 miles, 13.9 hours

RAT Start to Finish; 3,094 miles, 61.9 hours, 70.5 Mvg, 49.9 Ovg MPH

Ride Planning and Itinerary 
The ride planning was done in Garmin BaseCamp.  There are 18 mandatory checkpoints on the RAT Insanity, including the South Padre Island start/finish points.   Below is my route sheet after putting in dwell times for stops and anticipated rest.  (The symbols colors indicate day or night conditions at arrival)

Monday, September 26, 2016

IBA Big As Texas Party

The Iron Butt Association's Big As Texas Party is about to start in beautiful Allen Texas.  In the burbs of the DFW metroplex, this gathering of long-distance motorcycle riders is rapidly becoming an annual event.  Festivities start on Thursday, September 29 and conclude with the spectacular awards presentation banquet on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

Riders will begin to gather at the Hilton Garden Inn-Allen host hotel starting early in the week.  The start for the Texas World Capitals 1,000 and 1,500 mile 24 hour challenge rides are set for 6 am on Friday morning.

The IBA Big As Texas Party is also the celebration event for the end of the annual IBA memorial ride period.  This riders who do an IBA challenge even during the several weeks leading up to the BAT Party get special recognition at the event.  This includes quick turn-around of the ride certification and personal presentation by Mike Kneebone, President of the IBA.  Perfect "Selfie" opportunity!

The Texas World Capitals 1,000 and 1,500 mile rides are below.

After the Rider's meeting at 5:45, the BBG riders departed first, followed by the SaddleSore riders.  Wasn't long before the two seperate groups began to spread out.  The BBG'ers headed west then north while the SS1K riders headed east then south.  First to register picturers were from the SS1K crowd at Paris. 

Dave McQuenney was at the rider monitor desk receiving the pictures of the bonus location and rider flags.  Several submissions have issues that need to be resolved by closer inspection once the riders have returned.  Dave is compliling the list of "Please see the Scoring Team" names for Rider Check-in.  That list will be posted on the door near the Allen ballroom.

Frans and Bettie deWit had a low speed get-off while in rush hour traffic around San Antonio.  No injuries to report but they couldn't continue with the ride.

Jim Judge struck a deer while taking the short cut off the recommended route, by-passing Junction, on his way to London.  About 5:20 pm, time on his last SPOT track, he struck the local wildlife along the county road leading from I-10, through Harper then on to US377.  He was airlifted to Brook Army Medical Center with a couple of broken ribs, banged up hand and the usual road rash.  His spouse, Sandra, was here at the hotel in Allen and was quickly brought up to date on his condition after a short time.  His son is a BAMC to see after his dad and to keep mom informed.  She will be packing up all their stuff from the Allen hotel and driving down to San Antonio in the morning.

We wish Jim Judge along with Fran and Bettie deWit a speed recovery.

The Big As Texas Party - Schedule of Events

Thursday, 9/29
Afternoon:  Registration in the hotel lobby
Evening:  No Host dinner locally

Friday, 9/30
5:45 am  Rider Meeting
6:00 am  Rider start of TWC 1,000 & 1,500
Evening:  No Host dinner for non riders

Saturday, 10/1
10 am to 2 pm:  Rider check-in - Near Allen Ballroom
4 pm:  Awards ceremony and certificate presentation - Allen Ballroom
6 pm - 8 pm:  Dinner Program - Allen Ballroom
8 pm - until:  Party in the lobby bar

Sunday, 10/2
7 am - 9 am:  Breakfast