Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Iron Butt Rally - 2015

Iron Butt AssociationThe Iron Butt Rally begins at 10:00 am Monday, June 29, 2015.  Some 100 of the world's top long-distance motorcyclists will put their skills, knowledge and abilities to the test over 11 days and 11,000+ miles in what is rightfully billed as the "World's Toughest Motorcycle Rally." 

Check out the 2015 Iron Butt Rally official page for daily accounts and updates.  The strict IBR rules prohibit blogging during the Rally, so check the official page for the latest goings on.

The Rally is divided into "legs" each for a predetermined number of hours.  While on the clock, riders navigate to optional bonus locations to collect points by documenting their arrival date/time/odometer and usually take a photo of a specified object with their Rally Flag in the picture.  Riders must arrive at the checkpoint within two hours of the end of the leg or be penalized for being late.  Each leg is scored before the next leg begins with riders receiving points for such things as verified bonus location visits, calling in at a specified time and documented resting times. 

I am riding in the IBR for the third time.  My goal is to arrive at the finish checkpoint on time, in one piece and with enough points to be a Gold Medal Finisher.  I will strive to beat my personal best 16th place position in the 2013 IBR.  See 2015 IBR Goals and Objectives.

The ultimate challenge of the IBR is to finish safely.  To do that I must apply my skills, knowledge and abilities in a balanced way across several performance categories while on the clock and under grueling conditions.  See LD Riding on the Clock - An Organizing Framework 

Below are the planning metrics I will be using for each leg.   These will help me make decisions about ride pace and using resources while on the clock. 

2015 Iron Butt Rally Leg Start/End Date/Time -- Starting and Ending in Albuquerque (ABQ) NM

Leg 1:  10:00 MDT 29 Jun, ABQ NM 82 hours to end 20:00 MDT 2 Jul, ABQ NM
  • Route Selection:  0:00 planning on the clock
  • Planning Miles:  3,772 miles = 82:00 Lhrs X 46 MPH Ovg 
  • Moving Time:  55:28 = 3,772 miles / 68 MPH Mvg
  • Pit Stop Number:  10 = 3,772 / 350 FED (rounded up)
  • Pit Stop Time: 1:40 = 10 Pit stops X 0:10 per stop
  • Rest Stop Number:  3 = 82:00 / 24 hours
  • Rest Stop Time:  18:00 = 6:00 standard (day 1), 8:00 Rest Bonus (day2), 4:00 day3
  • Bonus Stop Time:  6:51 = 82:00 LgHrs - 55:28 Mvt - 1:40 PSt - 18:00 RSt
  • Bonus Stop Number:  41 = 6:51 / 0:10 per standard bonus stop
  • Slack Time:  To be calculated after route/bonus number is determined

Leg 2:  06:00 MDT 3 Jul, ABQ NM 60 hours to end in 20:00 EDT 5 Jul, Kingsport TN (EDT)
  • Route Selection:  2:00 planning on the clock
  • Planning Miles: 2,760  (at 46 Ovg)
  • Moving Time: 40:35 (at 68 Mvg)
  • Pit Stop Number:  7
  • Pit Stop Time:  1:10
  • Rest Stop Number:  2
  • Rest Stop Time:  12:00 (4:00 day 1, 8:00 RB 2 day, maybe)
  • Bonus Stop Time: 4:14
  • Bonus Locations:  25 (at 0:10 standard each)
  • Slack Time:  To be calculated after route/bonus number is determined

Leg 3:  06:00 AM 6 July, East US 100 hours to end 08:00 MDT 10 July, ABQ NM
  • Route Selection:  2:00 planning on the clock
  • Planning Miles:  4,500 (at 45.0 Ovg)
  • Moving Time:  69:13 (at 65.0 Mvg)
  • Pit Stop Number:12
  • Pit Stop Time:  2:00
  • Rest Stop Number:  4
  • Rest Stop Time:  22:00 (split among 4 days maxing the RB)
  • Bonus Stop Time:  4:46
  • Bonus Locations:  29 (at 0:10 standard each)
  • Slack Time:  To be calculated after route/bonus number is determined

After the route is selected I will use the computed route miles, computed Mvg, pit stops, planned rest time and number of selected bonus locations to determine the slack time to the checkpoint.