Friday, May 16, 2014

George A. Wyman -- Rest In Peace

George Adams Wyman died November 15, 1959, at age 82 in San Joaquin County, California.  Funeral services were moved to Oakland and were held on November 18, 1959.  He was cremated and his remains rest with that of his wife Nellie G. Wyman in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, CA, in the main mausoleum, Section 157, Niche 1, Tier 2.

George was married to Nellie G. Wyman who died in 1956, at the age of 82.

George's grave site was not publicly known when I began the search for his 'final waypoint.'  I searched the online records of every cemetery in San Joaquin County, Alameda County and many of the places he had lived without luck.  The obituary clippings above were sent to me by the archivist of the San Joaquin County Historical Society.  That led me to search for any records left by the funeral home or the Pastor who performed the services.  These proved a dead end.

Then, late one evening, I was plodding through more cemetery records and discovered this entry posted by the California Genealogy & History Archives:

      "Wyman George A.     3/21/1960*     CLM     S/W: Wyman, Nellie G."

NGW Obituary
That led me to contact the Mountain View Cemetery for confirmation.  I told them of GAW and his accomplishments.  After confirming that GAW resides there I asked them to determine if there were any restrictions expressed by GAW's survivors regarding visitation.  They confirmed there were no restrictions regarding people paying their respects to George.

I asked if they would be interested in listing him on their "Famous People" page of the cemetery's website.  They are looking into doing that.  Also, I told them of the GAW Memorial Project and asked if they would be willing to mount a memorial plaque somewhere on the grounds of the cemetery.  They are also looking into doing that.

On 7/14/2014 I  updated the George A. Wyman - Wikipedia entry to record his final way point.

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