Sunday, July 1, 2012

The National Parks Tour Master Traveler Award

The goal of this Iron Butt Association challenge ride is to visit at least 50 National Parks, Historic Sites, Monuments, Recreational Areas, in at least 25 different United States or Canadian Provinces within one year.  To earn the Master Traveler Gold award the rider must secure passport stamps in:
  • Alaska
  • Maine
  • California
  • Florida

I kicked off my National Parks Tour Master Traveler - Gold quest on September 24, 2011.  I have until September 23, 2012 to complete the challenge.  I will be incorporating the NPT visits with other riding adventures during the year.  Listed below are the NPT rides I have completed to date.

Tour, Dates, States, Stamps 

Kickoff, Sep 24-25, Texas, 3

Land of Enchantment, Oct 2-4, New Mexico, 3

Winter Weather Ride, Dec 13-16, Arizona, 2

Sooner of Later, Jan 15-18, Oklahoma, 1

Southeast, March 2012, 14 Parks in 6 States

West to East, May 2012, 20 Stamps in 12 States

North to Alaska,  June 2012, 7 Stamps in 6 States

Pacific Northwest,  June 2012, 4 Stamps in 2 States

Mississippi Valley, July 2012 ( I will be gathering NPT stamps along the way up to the Not Superman Rally the third week in July.)

Colorado, August 2012 (While attending the Iron Butt Association International Meeting in Denver CO I'll be collecting a few NPT stamps as they become available.)

I'm on track for a successful NPT package to be delivered to the IBA for September 2012.

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