Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pink's RTE - Bite the Wieeenie!

The Pink's Hollywood annual "Bite the Wieeenie" is a classic 'Ride to Eat' in the long-distance motorcycle community.  The 2018 Pink's RTE is being held on Saturday evening, November 17th.   And, I'm going!

Full SpotWalla Map

Tue, 11/13:  Rendezvous with a riding comrade in Sweetwater, TX.  Then on to Clovis NM to pay visit another LD comrade before spending the night up near Santa Rosa, NM.

Comrades tie on the feed bag

Wed, 11/14:  West bound along I-40 till we feel like stopping for the night.

Overnight in Santa Rosa

Thu, 11/15:  Hold up in Las Vegas for a couple of days and enjoy the entertainment.

Check-in Bellagio
Morning Coffee
Grand Spaces
Dang, my pants
are getting baggie

Sat, 11/17:  On to Los Angles to stage for the Pink's Hollywood feast.  Check out the Pink's Menu!

Pink's Full Menu

A couple of 'Wieeenies'

Over 50 LD riders this year