Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Truckee'in to the Salt Flats

I'm attending the Motor-Assisted Bicycle Bonneville Salt Flats speed trials on Sunday, September 16th.  The George A. Wyman Project was designated honorary sponsor of the MAB teams entry in the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association - 130 MPH Class.  I'm taking advantage of this ride to conduct some Project business along the Wyman Trail.

So, my good comrade and esteemed Texas Gentleman, Danny Dossman and I are taking the Alien Adventure Tour route to Truckee CA.  We have an appointment with the Truckee historical officials to install the Wyman Memorial plaque sponsored by IBA ledgend Dave McQueeney, #29.

Click here for the SpotWalla Map

Wed 9/12:  Our route to Truckee will take us through locations famous for their significance to the UFO and Alien Encounter subculture.  After rendezvousing in Big Springs TX, Danny and I are riding to UFO Central in Roswell NM. From there it's through the Valley of Fires, to the Trinity Site sign marking the roadside spot closest to the actual detonation site of the first atomic bomb in July, 1945.  We'll spend the night in scenic (LOL) Socorro NM.

Thur 9/13:  First stop the location of first 'Contact' of an alien intelligence, the Very Large Array of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.  From there it's to the Extraterrestrial Highway, NV 375, past Area 51's mysterious 'Black Mailbox' all the way to the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachael NV.  I need a new 'Area 51' tee shirt...wore mine out.  Then it's to Tonopah to stay the night.  We here beer and gambling is available at the hotels there.

Fri 9/14:  Business in Truckee California Information Center housed at the old Central Pacific RR Depot. 

Sat 9/15:  First waypoint will be the Iron Butt Association's Circle of Honor on  the edge Black Rock Desert just northwest of Gerlach NV.  This will be Danny's first trip to the IBA COH to pay his respects to the legends of the long-distance riding community.  From there, we will make our way to Elko, stopping at a few Wyman waypoints.

Sun 9/16:  On to the Bonneville Salt Flats to check out 'Speed Week' activities.

Mon 9/17:  We will be resting up at the hotel and casino, maybe go for a ride in the neighborhood to check things out.

Tue 9/18:  Ride to Eat at the Union Grill and meet up with the Pit Crew of the MAB Racing team.  From them, Danny and I have lots of touring to do all over the west.