Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BunBurner 1500 Gold

1,500 Miles in fewer than 24 hours

Today I'm doing a training event to help prepare for a much tougher ride I'm planning in May.  Today, I'm riding 1,500 miles in fewer than 24 hours following the strict rules of the Iron Butt Association's BunBurner 1500 GOLD challenge ride .

Route Plan of 1,575 Miles
The Ride Plan: Segment, miles -- Depart / Arrive
A-B:  San Marcos to OKC, 420 miles -- 0400 / 0945
B-C:  OKC to Albuquerque, 546 miles -- 0952 / 1715
C-D:  Albuquerque to Anthony, 248 miles -- 1722 / 2047
D-E:  Anthony to Ozona, 366 miles -- 2054 / 0154 3 May
I use an Excel trip planning tool I developed to accept the turn-by-turn directions from MapSource that allows me to accurately time out the trip.  It takes into account time spent at refuel, rest stops and other none ride time.

See the ride progress here: Active SpotWalla Map

A lot of preparation and rider training goes into completing a BBG.  It is classified as an 'Xtreme!' ride by the Iron Butt Association.  Only riders who know the risks, have prepared themselves and their motorcycles should ever attempt one of these rides.   A responsible rider will not ride beyond their skill or physical limits.  I am committed to "pulling the plug" on the ride at anytime I reach my limits.   Since the ride total time is calculated to be 21:54 having a good nights sleep before is very important.  I went to sleep around 8 pm last night.  Woke up at 3:30 am, ate a protein bar and headed to the place where I will get the start point dated business receipt (DBR).  An early morning start gives me the optimal sleep profile for rides such as these.

Check out the links below to learn more about strategies to help manage the risks of long distance endurance motorcycle riding:

After Ride Musings:

Hey, this was a good ride.  The weather was great; not too hot, not too cold.  No major traffic issues through the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, although I did experience some delay during the A-B segment.  I accomplished several of the training objectives I needed to resolve before riding the 50CC The Hard Way later this month. 

  • Validated 4am departure to maximize riding time given my personal circadian rhythm. 
  • Refined the route plan timing.  I was working on matching MapSource route road speeds to more accurately my actual level of effort moving and overall averages.  I'm going to back off the interstate and major highway calculation speeds in MapSource about 3 mph each.  I had adjusted them up for this ride but it turned out to be slightly faster my actual levels of effort.
  • Worked on a couple of hydration techniques and food choices for the ride.  
  • Balance of strategies and making them work together to reach a successful objective 

 Garmin Connect GPS Track  and Ride Statistics:

  • Distance:  1,574.89 miles
  • Total Time:  22:22:25
  • Moving Time:  21:18:56
  • Stopped Time:  01:03:29
  • Enroute Stops: 6 Fuel, 2 Refresh
  • Average Stop Time: 00:07:56
  • Overall Average Speed:  70.4 MPH
  • Moving Average Speed:  73.9 MPH


  1. Just a small request. I was trying to follow your trip and use your spreadsheet, but without you providing timely location data, I really couldn't.

    1. Hi Red,

      The Rally Leg Plan Tool Lite is worksheet to take the turn-by-turn data generated by Garmin MapSource route properties. It segments the route way points and adds dwell times for fuel, rest and way point stop times.

      Compare the predicted times in the ride plan with the SpotWalla spot message data to see how close the leg plan vs actual times