Wednesday, November 20, 2019

40-40 'Insanity' to Bite the Weenie

Texas to Hollywood CA is a long way to go for a hot dog, or in my case a veggie dog.  But, the 15th annual Pink's "Bite the Weenie" ride to eat (RTE) event is worth the trip.   Since 2004, members of the long-distance riding and motorcycle touring community have rendezvoused at Pink's to "Bite the Weenie!"  It is held each year on the Saturday evening (10 pm) the same weekend of the Long Beach Motorcycle Show.   I'm adding a bit of a challenge to this trip to make it a Hard Riding Adventure!

The 40-40 InsanityWilmington NC to Barstow CA, all on Interstate 40, under 40 hours

Iron Butt Association legend Dave McQueeney has come up with another way for us to feed our LD OCD'ness.  He has crafted the 40-40 Insanity challenge and honored me with the task of being the first to attempt (validate/evaluate) this proposed IBA theme ride.  Dave has created many IBA certified rides over the years...
Dave McQueeney, IBA #29

The certification protocols of 40-40 Insanity are that of the Bun Burner GOLD.  The Bun Burner GOLD is a prerequisite for riders wishing to certify the 40-40 Insanity.  At 40 hours to cover 2,550+ miles, the 40-40 Insanity moving average of 63.8 mph is more challenging than two consecutive BBG's moving average of 62.5 mph. The current ride rules provide the 40-40 can be done in either direction and combined with nested certifications:   BunBurner GOLDSaddleSore 2000 GOLD and easily extended to the 50CC Quest.  IBA Certificate collectors are going to love the 40-40 Insanity.

SpotWalla Map  See I-40 Weather (courtesy

RIDE PLAN - Nov 21, 0400 to 22, 2000 CST (0500 EST to 1800 PST)
The fuel range of my 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure at BBG ride pace is around 275 miles.  I've plotted out pit stops along the entire route.  This is to give me an idea of the spacing and to assign dwell time at pit stop.  I'm plan to use the entire 40 hours allowed, while being diligent about arriving before the proverbial clock runs out.  I have included approximately 4 hours of rest at the Pilot station on the east side of Amarillo TX.  As you can see from the BaseCamp route data below, I have 1:00 of slack time given the pit stops and rest stop.  SpotWalla track is also required for certification.  I will be marking all stops using BubblerGPS Pro on my Samsung Galaxy S9+.  The SpotWalla track is required under the proposed rules for this ride.

Planned Pit Stops: Refuel, Refresh, Replan, or Repair

Garmin BaseCamp route data.  Pit stops:  0.05 fuel only, 0.07 fuel and restroom
All times in Central Standard Time CST

RIDE PACE STATISTICS:  Click here for the full 40-40 Insanity Ride Report
  • Total Miles:  2,563.7 GPS, 2,535 MC Odo
  • Start:  03:49, 21/11 CST
  • Finish:  18:33, 22/11 CST
  • Total Time:  38:34, 66.6 Ovg MPH
  • Moving Time:  33:50, 75.8 Mvg MPH
  • Stopped Time:  04:44
    • Pits Stops:  01:20 total, 9 enroute stops at 0:09 avg each
    • Rest Stops:  02:50 total, 02:25 Amarillo + 0:25 AZ 
    • Traffic/construction delays accounted for approximately 0:35 
  • Fuel Consumption: 
    • Total: 70.9 at $208.28 for $2.94 per gallon
    • Overall MPG:  36.2 miles per gallon