Friday, October 25, 2019

Adventure Touring on a Gryffin

How's this for a Hard Riding Adventure?  

Janus Motorcycles - Gryffin 250 "Scrambler"

Adapt a 229cc, 14 horsepower motorcycle with a top speed of 70 MPH (going down hill with a tailwind) for riding long-distance, ala Iron Butt kind of distances! 

On Tuesday, October 22nd I visited Janus Motorcycles in Goshen Indiana to finalized the acquisition details of the Gryffin 250.  At my request, Janus is customizing a new Gryffin 250 Scrambler for me to use on the open road.  By "open road," I mean using to Gryffin as an 'Adventure Touring' bike to ride 16-18 hour days, averaging 900 to 1,100 miles each, over multiple days.

Janus is modifying their standard Gryffin model for me with the items listed below.  The engine/transmission will remain stock with no performance enhancements.  I will try several different rear sprockets to obtain the best mix of cruising speed and fuel range. 

Janus Modifications:
  • Custom single seat
  • Windscreen
  • Digital speedometer
  • Custom cargo rack
  • LED headlight
  • Auxiliary LED lighting
  • Custom pannier
  • Street tires, 3.50x18 front & rear
  • Custom paint - US Army theme
Expected delivery at Janus is by the end of the year.  Once I get the Janus back to Texas, I will continue to "farkle" the Gryffin to use as an adventure touring motorcycle. 
  • Farkle Bar - to mount GPS, smartphone, other items
  • Tank Bag - Rider comfort items
  • Maintenance  Box - Tools and tire repair
  • Spare Parts  Bag
  • Hydration System - CamelBak, drink bottle
  • FLIR Camera/Display
  • Fuzeblock FZ1 - Accessory electrical supply
  • Auxiliary HI-LED caution and brake light flashers
  • Auxiliary fuel tank - 4 gallon
My goal is to get the Gryffin as close to road worthy adventure touring motorcycle as possible given its size and performance characteristics.  I have big plans for this 'little' motorcycle.  Those plans and how I will carry them out are subjects for future blogs. So, follow along in my...

Hard Riding Adventure touring on a Janus Gryffin 250!
Janus Gryffin 250 "Scrambler"