Saturday, June 25, 2016

BAT Party Recon

Tentative Routes 
The farkling on the new GSA is coming along nicely.  Not quite complete, as I haven't yet mounted my FLIR PathFindIR infrared camera and display.  Waiting on one last piece of hardware to install the Pyle waterproof display above the instrument cluster.

Also, I have work out the best solution to capturing all the wires from two GPS units, the FLIR camera and the display.  All are being powered from one FuzeBlock mounted under the instrument cluster.  So, neatly tucking all the extra lengths of cables, wires and such away is proving to be a challenge.  

Today, I'm riding up to Allen TX to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn.  That is the venue for the IBAs Big-As-Texas Party at the end of September.  I'm helping with the "Texas World Capitals Tour" SaddleSore 1,000 and BunBurner 1,500 Gold riders.  On this trip I'm going to ride a couple of the route segment for the BBG to validate the moving average MPH calculations.  I'm interested in how much time it will take to ride from the Hilton in Allen, northwest to Willington, south through London and then on to the Stockholm just north of Harlingen.

Garmin Basecamp, route planning software, is predicting about 15 hours for the 979 miles.  Google Maps calculates a slightly different route between Abilene and London that saves about 15 minutes and one mile.

Click her for the full SpotWalla Map

Monday 6/27:  Departed just at sunup for Victoria.  Needed to take a couple pictures to put in the rider's guide for this stop.  From there it was northwest to cross over I-10.  From near Lulling it's a straight shot all the way to Allen via Interstates, toll roads and fast four lane highways.  Clear riding for any BBG rider.

Sunday 6/26:  Depart the Hilton Garden Inn at 6:00 am for the first stop on the Texas World Capitals Tour:

  1. Allen to Wellington - 6:00 - 9:57, 283 miles, 71.5 Over all avg MPH
  2. Wellington to London - 9:58 - 14:40, 327 miles, 70.1 Ovg
  3. London to Stockholm - 14:41 - 20:09, 370 miles, 67.3 Ovg
At each of the stops I took the pictures that will end up in the Texas World Capitals Tour - BBG riders guide.  I did this recon ride on a Sunday.  The BAT TWC BBG will be done on Friday, Sep 30.  My pace had me riding through San Antonio at around 16:30.  I rode I-10 to I-37 through the city center.  There might be some rush hour traffic issues though San Antonio on a Friday.  But, what's a little rush-hour traffic to an IBA BBG rider?  All part of the hard riding adventure, right?

Without even trying, I was able to leave the Hilton Garden Inn in Allen at 6:00 am and arrived at the Stockholm historic marker by a little after 8:00 pm.  That makes 980 miles in 14.1 hours or an overall average of 69.5MPH.  Considering the variety of highways, cities and towns along the way, that is a pretty good Bun Burner Gold pace.  Especially for an average rider like me.  Greg Rice would shaved an hour off that time.

I wanted to determine the moving and overall average miles per hour between Allen, though Wellington and London to the Stockholm marker.  95% of the highways had speed limits of 70 or 75 MPH.  The moving average on both my GPS units were at 72.5 MPH.  All of these roads will be ridden on the BBG during daylight hours on Friday, September 30.  

Since it would be dark by the time I would arrive in Victoria, I decided to stop for the night in Raymondville.  Got a great room at the brand new Holiday Inn Exp for $81, plus tax.

Saturday 6//25:  Just a short 5 hour drive from home to Allen, just north of Dallas.  It was a hot ride up I-35.  By the time I got to Big Deal it was in the mid 90s and very humid.  Topped of the tank before checking into the Hilton.  The desk clerk says they have coffee by 5am in the lobby.  But, my room has a Kerrigan coffee maker.  I'm set...