Tuesday, September 1, 2015

IBA Regional Gathering "Head for the Hills"

I am attending the Iron Butt Association's Regional Gathering in Kingsport, TN.  Nestled in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it will be an escape from the Texas heat.

Full SpotWalla Maps:  Bubbler GPS Pro and SPOT

Tue, 9/8:
  Doing research at the Perrysburg library trying to tie down the location of the 1903 post office location, where Wyman stored his motorcycle for the night.  Then, riding west to spot Wyman signs at locations where the Project shipped signs.

Mon, 9-7:  Got all the way to Perrysburg OH

Sun, 9/6:  Riding to Albany to start work on the Wyman Route.  Want to check out the Wyman Waypoint signs posted at locations where the Project shipped signs.

Fri-Sat, 9/5:  Hanging out at the hotel chatting up the Wyman Project.

Thu, 9/3:  After spending the night in Jackson TN, half way between Memphis and Nashville, I did the easy ride to Kingsport, arriving about 3 pm.  Checked in and while returning to by bike I got stopped by Erin and Wayne.  The next thing I knew there was a cold beer in my hands....

Wed, 9/2:  Departing home headed for the AMA Museum Hall of Fame in Pinkerington, OH.  I probably won't make it all the way to Pinkerington on Wednesday, before stopping for the night.  I'm going to see if the Museum has installed the Wyman Memorial Plaque and Wyman Waypoint sign in the Hall of Fame exhibit.  After visiting there on Thursday I will head south to Kingsport, TN for the Gathering.

While traveling north along I-30, in a restricted one lane construction zone, a piece of road debris popped up from the back of the 18 wheeler in front of me.  I swerved to the right to avoid it but the piece of tire tread hit the side of my bike right at my FLIR camera.  It hit so hare the mount was deformed and also broke the cable connector, deforming the connecting pins.  I was able to remove the damaged cable plug securing structure, straighten out the pins and reconnect the camera using good old wire ties.  And, the camera still works....!

Ok, so I sent the AMA Museum about mounting the Wyman Waypoint sign and Wyman Memorial plaque and got a reply that both were mounted inside the Museum within the Hall of Fame exhibit.  That saved me a trip to Pinkerington to visit the Museum.  So, I turned right at Memphis and headed east along I-40 to the tip of Tennessee.