Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Equinox SaddleSore 1,000

The fall equinox is Sep 22 9:29 PM CDT.  I am riding my second leg of the Iron Butt Four Seasons challenge: complete at least 1,000 miles in under 24 hour on each of the four celestial events.

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Monday, 9/22:  Departed the motel at around 5:25 for the Exxon station.  Topped off the tank and headed to the Sabine River turnaround at Exit 880 on I-10 west bound.  It's the first exit after crossing over from Louisiana.  Marked a SPOT and headed out. 

Traffic through Houston was not as bad as I expected it to be at 7am.  First fuel stop was on the west side of San Antonio.  It was the same place I stopped during the Summer Solstice ride back in June.  After Fort Stockton the weather turned wet and it rained of and on all the way to near El Paso.  Traffic through El Paso flowed real well at 5pm and it was a breeze to Anthony.  Got gas and a quick coffee with banana nut muffin before departing east.

I wanted to be riding at the official time of the fall equinox event at 9:29 PM CDT.  So, instead of stopping in Van Horn at just over 1,017 miles I rode to Fort Stockton for 1,133 miles.  I arrive just before 10pm, well after the official equinox time. 

Sunday, 9/21:  Left home for Orange.  I stay at the Days Inn for about $60.  It is right around the corner of an Exxon station with good receipts at the pumps.  I checked in and got Veronica, the desk clerk, to witness my IBA form.  Things went very smooth.  I turned in for the night.

I will be riding the same route and time table of the Texas I-10 Solstice 'Day Ride' I did back in June.  Starting in Orange at 6:00, riding I-10 to Anthony, turn around and finishing in Van Horn. 

Since the 22nd falls on a Monday I expect some traffic delays through Houston.  Also, the equinox for the CDT zone occurs at 9:29 PM I will make sure I am still riding at that time to remain true to the spirit of the Four Seasons event, even though it is not necessary by IBA rules.

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