Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Ride

The weather is beautiful here in the Texas Hill Country.  So, I'm going out for a ride.  Nothing special, just turning recycled hydrocarbons to greenhouse gasses.  Should be fun.  I'll be using BubblerGPS for tracking and spotting things along the way. 

Luckenbach is a biker magnet on the weekends.  I may swing by there to hang out some.  Then maybe pop over to Javelina HD to watch the Riders Edge class.   Wait, never mind, this is starting to sound like I have a ride plan or something.

ShopRiderOn the way into the village of Wimberley I saw this....thing.... at the local biker shop.

Check out the SpotWalla map above for pictures at some of my stops.


  1. Tim,

    you are so lucky to live in Texas where even in winter time the weather is ok enough for motorcycling. Here in German the season has ended. 24,8F is no weather a ride and it will not be better before march.

    Regards from Germany


    Iron Butt Association Member #57736

    1. Texas is like a whole nuther country as the saying goes. Was a very nice ride. Temperatures were between 82f and 93f. Lots of motorcycles out today taking advantage of the great weather.

      Luzian, you are welcome anytime to come on by and I'll show you some Texas hospitality!