Wednesday, March 13, 2013

100ccc Gold Ride Plan

Thursday, March 14:  Beginning odo 12,464 & ending odo 19,360 for 6,896 miles

I'm riding to Jacksonville FL to attend the IBA annual dinner on Friday, March 15th and the IBR Pizza Party on Saturday.

Starting on Sunday, March 17th, St. Paddy's Day I'll be leaving Jacksonville Beach, FL at around 0600 EDT to start the Iron Butt Association 100ccc Gold challenge ride.  The goal of this event is to ride from coast to coast to coast in less than 100 hours.  You can follow my progress in almost real time by using the Spotwalla map below.  I will be using Spot tracking, also marking the start, pit stops and key points with the SPOT Check in/OK.  I'll be marking rest stops using the SPOT Custom.  Click on the marker to read the position data and embedded message.

The ride plan can be found here:  100ccc RLPLite  This plan is not a ridged "schedule" to keep but rather a measure for the riding pace; moving and overall average miles per hour.  Any pace efficiencies I gain between rest stops I will add to the rest time.  Any time delays I experience that put me behind the ETA at key way points will be charged to the ending slack time, rather than cut rest time short.  This strategy enhances the rest management plan and is part of the commitment to managing overall risk. 

I plan on departing Jacksonville Beach FL on Sunday 3/17 at 0600 EDT and arrive at Mission Beach CA on Tuesday 3/19 0430 PDT, 49:30 later.  During the first leg I will stop for rest in Junction TX and El Cajon CA.  The ETA to Junction is 2202 CDT 3/17 and El Cajon is 1917 PDT 3/18.  At 0410 PDT I'll head to Mission Beach for the turn around DBR to stop the clock on the first 50cc at about 0450 PDT 3/19.  The clock on the second 50 hours of the 100ccc begins with the DBR in SDO.  I plan on 30 minutes of dwell time in SDO to secure the turn around witness sign off before departing.  The plan calls for a 7 hour rest in Junction TX and an ETA to the JAX Finish at 0010 CDT  or 0110 EDT 3/21.  The clock runs out on the 100 hours at the JAX Finish a little before 1000 AM EDT Thursday 3/21.  The plan has about 8:45 of slack time for whatever might happen along the way.

I am doing this "on the clock" challenge ride to accomplish several objectives:
  • Put more miles on the realitivily new BMW R1200GS Adventure.  From home near Wimberley to JAX to SDO to JAX and back to Wimberley will be almost 7,000 miles.  This will bring the total mileage of the new bike to almost 19,000.
  • Get another merit pin for my windscreen.
  • Practice IBR tasks and performance skills: 
    • Conduct a Pit Stop to refuel, refresh, repair. 
    • Conduct a Rest Stop
    • Conduct a Call-In
    • Prepare and Maintain Required Documentation
    • Routing and Navigation
    • Rider Pace (Moving and Overall Average MPH)
    • Riding and Risk Management
    • Rest and Fatigue Management
    • Problem and Stress Management
    • Hydration and Nutrition Management
    • Personal Courage and Commitment
  • Validate riding gear comfort and function
  • Validate motorcycle load plan
  • Validate add-on equipment function
  • FLIR field testing 

I won't have time to blog along the way but will post results of the ride when I'm finished.  I will use the log entries, documentation and the GPS data to generate useful information about the trip.  The goal is to capture information about the following performance measures:

    • Moving and Overall Average MPH for the leg and segments
    • Pit Stop Time -- refuel, refresh, repair (using GPS track arrive/depart times)
    • Fuel Endurance Distance & MPG -- leg and segments (compared to Mvg Avg MPH)
    • Rest Stop Time -- check-in/refresh/sleep/check-out
    • Bonus Stop Time -- SDO DBR time and to securing turn around witness
    • Documentation -- Pit Stop, Rest Stop, Call-in, Witness sign off
    • Total direct cost by category -- Fuel, lodging, meals and incidentals 


  1. Hi Tim,

    good luck from Germany. I will follow your ride on your map.



  2. Best of luck, Tim. Maybe I'll see you at the I-10 / I-8 junction tomorrow. Ride safe.

  3. Safe riding to you. I was linked here from and the timing couldn't have been better. I will be attempting this same ride(in the opposite direction) at the end of April. I look forward to reading your ride report.

  4. Tim, I missed you by just a couple of minutes. I was waiting a couple of miles west of the I-10 / I-8 merge with a bottle of cold water, a bag of ice and my GO TIM sign. When I tried to pull up your spot map I didn't have a strong enough signal to load the map so I went back to the truck stops at the merge. By the time I stopped and pulled up the map again you had already gone by. If I had been a little more patient...

    Ride safe.

  5. Congratulations Tim. You did a great Job. My workmate and me followed your trip during our office hours the whole days and continued to watch at home.

    Only one thing we missed. Can you also show the clock time via spottwalla?

    Best regrads from Germany

    We are looking forward to your next long distance adventure...


  6. Motorradwanderer,

    Thanks, It was a very good ride. I'm preparing the ride report and will post it shortly. Also, I didn't mean to have the "time stamp" data turned off on the Spot messages. I've turned them on to compare the planned arrival times with the actual arrival times.

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