Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Clock Is Running

The countdown to the "World's Toughest Motorcycle Rally"  is running.  My name was drawn to participate in the 2013 Iron Butt Rally (IBR).  So, over the next several months, weeks and days I will be preparing for the this hard riding adventure.

Right now it's mid January and we're experiencing a cold snap here in the Texas Hill Country.  I doing a lot of getting organized things so when the temperatures improve I can hit the road for some hard riding field testing of the new mount.  Having finished installing and limited testing of the FLIR PathFindIR thermal imaging camera I'm anxious to put it through its paces over several days of long distance riding.  The objective of this phase is integrate the FLIR under long distance riding conditions.  How best to employ the system, exploit its capabilities, and identify limitations under day and night operational conditions.

My approach is to divide preparations for the IBR into three categories; rider prep, gear prep and prepare the motorcycle.  The focus will be preparing myself by practicing the rider tasks that I will be performing during the rally.  These tasks are conducted under definable conditions and to a definable standard.  Doing task drills, training rides and practice rallies I hope to peak my readiness by the start of the IBR on July 1, 2013.

Critical Rider Tasks
  • Select a Leg Route
  • Navigate Leg Route Segments
  • Conduct a Pit Stop
  • Conduct Bonus Collection
  • Conduct Enroute Repairs
  • Conduct a Call-In 
  • Conduct a Rest Stop
  • Prepare for Check Point Scoring
Check back to this posting for links to separate page for each of the rider tasks listed above.  These will spell out the task statement, the conditions under which they are performed and a standard to be met.  Tasks will list out the sequenced steps I have identified to help me do practice drills.  The objective of defining the task in such a way is to "routinize" the steps and critical elements of the task performance.   

In the near future I will up date the gear and bike video I prepared for the 2011 IBR.  This will cover all the items I will be using in the 2013 IBR. 

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