Friday, March 16, 2012

National Parks Tour - FL

Part of:  NPT - Southeastern States ride
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The day started at 5:30 am with a short meeting in the lobby of the hotel with the IBA photographer.  I and 5 others were to be props in a early morning photo shoot on the Old Dixie Highway.  Still dark we all headed south about 50 miles or so.  On "location", we rode back and forth on a scenic highway so the photographer could shoot us in the great morning light.  After the shoot was over I rode to the coast and took A1A north to Flagler Beach for a breakfast.  Stopped at a cafe with lots of motorcycles out front.  Daytona bike week was still in full swing and bikers were everywhere.

After a hearty breakfast and several cups of coffee I hit the three FL NPT locations before heading back to the IBA Dinner hotel in south Jacksonville.  The IBA annual dinner started about 5:30 and the place was packed.  Must have been 300 people attending this year's dinner.  The were some 75 new riders inducted into the Iron Butt Association having successfully completed the FL Mountain SaddleSore 1,000 mini rally the day before.  Great to see more riders getting bit by the LD bug.

Ft Mantanzas NM, FL
This was an interesting site.  Coastal Florida was a major field of conflict as European nations fought for control in the New World. As part of this struggle, Fort Matanzas guarded St. Augustine’s southern river approach. The colonial wars are over, but the monument is still protecting—not just the historic fort, but also the wild barrier island and the plants and animals who survive there amidst a sea of modern development.

 Castillo de San Marcos NM, FL
A monument not only of stone and mortar but of human determination and endurance, the Castillo de San Marcos symbolizes the clash between cultures which ultimately resulted in our uniquely unified nation.  Still resonant with the struggles of an earlier time, these original walls provide tangible evidence of America’s grim but remarkable history.
Ft Caroline NM, FL
Fort Caroline memorializes the short-lived French presence in sixteenth century Florida. Here you will find stories of exploration, survival, religious disputes, territorial battles, and first contact between American Indians and Europeans.

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