Ride Around Texas Insanity - Galveston

Galveston Start/Finish:  Ride the perimeter of Texas, clockwise or anti-clockwise, stopping at 18 mandatory checkpoints, including start/finish point, in order within the allotted time period.

  • RAT Insanity - less than 85 hours  - 7 am Oct 5 to 8 pm Oct 8
  • RAT Insanity Gold - less than 70 hours - 7 am Oct 5 to 5 am Oct 8
IBA RAT  Insanity Certification - Successful riders will receive concurrent IBA validation of their RAT, complete with the following at their Galveston finish.
  • RAT Insanity Certificate
  • RAT Insanity Swag - Pins and stickers
  • Instant IBA Records entry
Ride Master Sign Up - 2020 RAT Insanity Galveston (20 Rider limit)

  • Optional Sunday afternoon rider social at hotel, dinner at Saltgrass or Denny's next to hotel
  • Mandatory RAT start meeting Monday morning at 6:45 am for start odometer reading.
  • On-site RAT finisher validation starting at 8 am on Oct 8th.  Hang out or head home.

IBA  RAT Mandatory Checkpoints (listed in clockwise order)

  • Galveston START ( 7 am from La Quinta after 6:45 am rider meeting)
  • Victoria (DBR)
  • South Padre Island (DBR)
  • Del  Rio (DBR)
  • Panther Junction, Big  Bend NP  (picture of your motorcycle in front of Visitor Center sign is acceptable)
  • Lajitas General Store  (picture of your motorcycle in front of store sign acceptable)
  • Presidio (DBR)
  • Anthony (DBR)
  • Guadalupe Mountains National Park (picture of your motorcycle in front of park entrance acceptable)
  • Kermit (DBR)
  • Texline (DBR)
  • Follett (DBR)
  • Childress (DBR)
  • Paris (DBR)
  • Texarkana (DBR)
  • Port Arthur (DBR)
  • Port Bolivar (Take a picture of your motorcycle on the Galveston - Port Bolivar ferry while underway) 
  • Galveston FINISH (DBR)

RAT Insanity 
Tim Masterson